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Packages of well-being

Our packages of well-being are well-matched full day offers with several treatments and a durance of four to five hours. Experience exotic treatments and enjoy the Relaxation.

  • Länder Reisen

219 € / person

Four countries trip - Experience treatments

Start a journey around the world and discover four totally different kinds of treatment from France, India, Nepal and Germany.

219 € / person

Asian journey - Exotic combinations of treatments

Transfer the typical exotic from Asia to the Gravenberg: Smooth senses of Asia and artful treatments of a special kind offer a unique experience of care.

  • csm massage package indien

219 € / person

Indian journey - Ayurvedic discovery

Science of life: the development of your present potentials and purity is the finish of your ayurvedic journey to India.

  • Wellness Beauty Ägyptenreise

219 € / person

Egypt journey - On the trail of Cleopatra

Start your trip into the oasis of well-being and discover the secret of Cleopatra’s bewitching beauty.