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Conference packages

Predictable and proactive working is the foundation of success. Therefore we created the following flat rates for your conference or meeting. You can exactly estimate the costs, no further costs will arise. Within these rules you may find confirmation and safety as well.

  • Gravenberg Halbtagspauschale

43 € per person/day

Gravenberg (Half day flat rate)

This package is created for half day meetings, short meeting or evening events.

  • Angebot Dröppelminna

53,00€ per person / day

Dröppelminna ( Full day flat rate - including one meal)

This package serves as a basic offer that can be expanded as required.

  • Bullebäusken

88,00€ per person/day

Bullebäusken (Full day flat rate – including two meals)

With this package you are booking an all-around carefree package for your event!

  • Kickoffmeeting im Freien

170 € per person/day

Kick-Off / Come together - Meeting

Fun at work is the best motivation. Therefore, make an agreement together with your
your goals and visions for the coming year and strengthen team building.
about the shared experience in an inspiring environment.