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  • Conference Rooms

    in the Romantik Hotel Gravenberg

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Conference rooms

Hold your meeting in individually designed conference rooms.
We offer six rooms from 30 m² up to 250 m² for up to 150 persons.

  • Wild Stube Feiern Tagen Veranstaltungen verwenden

max. 25 persons

Wildstube (39 m², daylight suffused)

In this conference room you are holding your meeting in historic ambience within 39 m².

  • Tagungsraum Giebelstube Tafel Beamer Tagung

max. 12 persons

Giebelstube (30 m², separate roof terrace)

Our „Giebelstube“, situated on the upper floor, has an own separate roof terrace with a marvelous view to the Gravenberg.

  • Dorfstube Meetingraum mit Leinwand und Beamer

max. 30 persons

Dorfstube (50 m², original oak plank floor)

This room out of massive wood and lovely details has enough space for up to 30 guests.

  • Hochzeits Raum Feiern Tagen Tafel in U Form

max. 60 persons

Hochzeitsraum ( 112 m², direct access to garden)

The modern and light interior in this conference room designs a great atmosphere for creative people.

  • Waldpavillon Projektor

max. 150 persons

Waldpavillon (250 m², unique events)

Our „Wald-Pavillon“ gives you enough space for all your needs. Maybe for the live presentation of a new type of automobile or an international workshop: We make it possible.

  • csm rheinstadion Tagung im Freien

max. 14 persons

Stadion (30 m², open air)

You will sit outside on original press conference chairs and at the tables of the old Düsseldorf football stadium.