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Wellness & Beauty 


Dear customers,

You can reach our Waldbeautyfarm by calling 02173-9220600.
Please use the answering machine, which will be answered by our beauticians.


Consciously deal with own body and enjoy or different types of offered massages. The effect touches not only the whole body but also the mind in a beneficial way.


Cosmetic treatments

With inventing our beauty farm we always had the aim to create a location for you as our guest where you can let yourself float away from the everyday’s life. Set yourself in our focus of performance and you will quickly experience the welfare of this kind of exclusivity.

Emperor’s bath tub

12 hundredweights of bell bronze has been polished to get shiny in time-consuming grinding. You will be provided a sense of uniqueness if alone or as a couple.


Swimming complex

You may swim in our swimming pool which has 8 by 4 meters in size with ozone technology, counter current plant and fizzy water nozzles, or just relax on comfortable couches at the pool edges.

Fitness room

Indoor-Cross-trainer, treadmill, ergometer and weight lifting-tower can be used by every weather to balance your daily routine.


Sauna & vital garden

Four different saunas (with steam, infrared, dry Finnish sauna and a „farmer’s sauna“with herbal infusions) are surrounded by our vital backyard with a lawn for sunbathing and a nude area.

Adventure travels

Our feel-good packages are well-coordinated day offers with several treatments and a duration of approx. 4 to 5 hours. Experience exotic treatments and enjoy the relaxation.


Our vouchers - Onlineshop

Give away a pleasant stay in our hotel, restaurant and wellness area: our vouchers are available with an amount between 10 and 200 euros.


Elberfelderstr. 45

 D-40764 Langenfeld 

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