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Adventure travel packages


Packages of well-being

Our packages of well-being are well-matched full day offers with several treatments and a durance of four to five hours. Experience exotic treatments and enjoy the Relaxation.

Four countries trip - Experience treatments

Start a journey around the world and discover four totally different kinds of treatment from France, India, Nepal and Germany.

Concerning this adventure travel package:

Immerse yourself into this well-matched treatment concept of four different countries. Leave the burdens of the daily routine behind and enjoy your personal spoiling time from head to toe with special and interesting treatment techniques.

Your four countries trip contains the following treatments:

  • Bath robe and slippers
  • Freshly prepared salad at your choice – we serve mineral water to that
  • France: Locan facial treatment for apparent rejuvenation of your skin
  • India: Chaipur full body massage, almond oil and shea butter let your skin become tender and soft. A scent of chocolate fills the air.
  • Nepal: Feet massage with rose quartz for total relaxation
  • Germany: Milky foot bath with pedicure, peeling, feet poultice and final care cream

Asian journey - Exotic combinations of treatments

Transfer the typical exotic from Asia to the Gravenberg: Smooth senses of Asia and artful treatments of a special kind offer a unique experience of care.

Concerning this adventure travel package:

Energized treatment reignites body energies to new life, lets you feel the magic of rock crystals and lava stones, and invites deep relaxation. Traditional Asian massage techniques and special oils revive the spirits. 

Your Asia trip includes:

  • bathrobe and slippers
  • skin specific facial treatment with rock crystal massage for the eyes
  • full body peeling with silk gloves
  • full body massage with warm lava stones
  • Body wrap "Feel Babor Spa
  • Head massage

Indian journey - Ayurvedic discovery

Science of life: the development of your present potentials and purity is the finish of your ayurvedic journey to India.

Concerning this adventure travel package:
Intimate senses of being donate infinite calmness, the central nervous system gets into balance again. This treatment is an old temple ritual for kings of the old times that use high-quality oils and herbs that are attuned to your body and type. Angelic fluent massage strokes the body is brought to a deep relaxation and muscle tenseness is released. Experience incomparable serenity.

Your India journey consists of:

  • Bath robe and slippers
  • Wellness manicure
  • Ayurvedic full body massage with lukewarm sesame oil
  • Facial treatment with massage for regeneration and vitalization
  • Ayurvedic feet massage with lukewarm sesame oil
  • At your choice tender daily make-up
  • Freshly prepared salad at your choice
  • Mineral water and tea served to your dish

Egypt journey - On the trail of Cleopatra

Start your trip into the oasis of well-being and discover the secret of Cleopatra’s bewitching beauty.

Concerning this adventure travel package:
Get enchanted by the pleasant treatments of beautiful Egypt and into balance with your inner well-being. Cleopatra’s bath tub invites you to relax and has a positive influence on your body and mind. It is time to let yourself be spoilt like a goddess. 

Your Egypt journey consists of:

  • Bath robe and slippers
  • Cleopatra’s bath tub
  • Relaxing full body massage with essential oils
  • Freshly prepared salad at your choice – we serve mineral water to that
  • Feet massage: This feet massage has a positive influence on body and soul
  • Large facial treatment: This treatment maintains the skin’s vitality and youth in accordance to the inner well-being.

Espacially appreciated by our guests:

Healthy food included
Own house beautician
Vital garden & sunbathing lawn usable
Swimming area
 Fitness room usable
Separate entrance

General information

Beauty treatments can be ordered directly in the beauty farm via the telephone number +49 (0) 2173/9220-600. Our qualified cosmeticians are pleased to answering your call and helping you to compose your personal treatment plan

  • Because our restaurant is closed on Sunday evenings, except for Easter and Whitsun holidays, we recommend for those times a pretty restaurant as an alternative nearby, reachable by foot or car.
  • Our packages, except for the champagne package, are also bookable as single rooms. Certainly there is no extra charge for this Service.
  • Please appreciate that services which were not used cannot be refunded.
  • If the booking is made longer than two months prior to the arrival date we grant a discount of 5 % on the package rate.
  • As a witty gift idea we create personally designed vouchers on regional “Bergisch” slates.


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